Wednesday 14 January 2015

Songs and open mic. activity

Hi all,

I'm doing an open mic. gig this coming Sunday 18th January 2015 at Telford's, Chester.  Please come along if you can!  I'll be playing some new songs, ones I have never played in public before.  Also an older one (or two, if there's time!).  Of course, Thor will be joining me on bass.
I have been working extensively on getting a lot of my old songs together, beating them into shape, re-writing parts and generally improving them.  Some of these songs are decades old and hardly anyone has ever heard them!
I have also written a good number of new songs, which nobody else has ever heard yet, (except Karen).
I'll introduce them gradually into my sets as time goes.......(check out the open mics!)
There is a video recording of  "Jackdaw Alien" on Youtube, filmed at Alexander, Chester, in December.  Check it out here :-

If anyone out there would like us to do a set, or give us some gigs, it would be most welcome.
Please get in touch!