Thursday 3 January 2013

New Year Releases

I was in Chester in December doing a gig at the Golden Eagle with my band Rev Rev.  It was quite packed and went down rather well, despite the fact that it was over three years since we had played those songs.  (Our last gig was in September 2009 at the City Bar.)  It was also good to see a lot of old faces from Chester there........ a good night!

Now then,

I have some new finished Shemboid music for release very soon.  I have not quite decided the album title as yet, but the music and recording is all mixed, mastered and ready to go.  It is very much a noise type of thing.  There are four tracks, with the titles as follows.....

1.  Summer Rain, Melted Brain
2.  Sea Of Snakes
3.  Fluttering, Muttering and Burning the Toast
4.  Okra Shooting Eggs Can Grate Cheese

The artwork needs to be finalised too.
It should all be ready and out there in a couple of weeks.


I have decided to put out an edited version of The Sun Gallery, which was originally a four-disc set of improvisations.  The first release saw only five copies made and I did not really push it at the time.  They were recorded in mid-late 2008. 
The new edition will be called The Sun Sets and will be in the form of two single cd-rs as Volume One and Volume Two.   
There are two long tracks on each disc
I am also going to do new artwork for them.
Again, these should be available in about two weeks or so.
I'll keep you posted.

That's all for now,
Happy new year,


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