Friday 27 September 2013

Daniel Schott's Blog

Daniel Schott seemed to like the new Shemboid album "In The Clouds" and asked me to write something for his blog, which I did.  I may have made omissions or mistakes, but I had a go and the result is now online at

Give it a go.  There is some crazy video footage of Vibracathedral Orchestra embedded on the page too.
Thanks to Dan for his interest and giving me the opportunity to write for him.

Thursday 26 September 2013

Some new releases from Shemboid and The Eye Window

I've been really busy lately and now finally have got round to releasing three new albums.
The Eye Window albums are

This is an album I recorded a couple of years ago and didn't get to release properly until now.
It is mainly focused on psychotic guitar freakouts, with minimal songs.  The three tracks on it are quite long and the album runs to about 36 minutes.

This is a brand new album which I started last year and have now finished.  If you find some of my releases a bit alien, then this might be for you.  It is more of a rock album and has some nice songs, I think, as well as the edginess.  The CD-R version is a limited edition of 50 hand-numbered and signed copies. About 43 minutes.
Check out The Eye Window tab above.

The Shemboid album is called IN THE CLOUDS
Here we are back to talking with aliens and the music is drone-like and guitar and keyboard driven. It was created using a loop station and layered and then worked on computer to create these four compositions.
The four tracks add up to about 36 minutes.
Check out the Shemboid tab above

All of the above albums are in CD-R editions of 50 hand-numbered and signed copies.
Check them out....
I hope you like them
Cheers, Shem