Friday 30 November 2012

Welcome to the new Shemboid site

Welcome to the world of Shemboid

It has been a busy last couple of years for me.  
I have been writing and recording heaps of music.
Much of it  will be released next year, but
I have recently released two albums on CD-R and download.  
They are called "Inside Out Of Mind" and "Open Says Me".
If you want to have a listen, they can be heard and (hopefully) bought at
If you want to just listen to some other music of mine then please visit
You can also follow me at 
Also twitter@shemboid

I have also been painting pictures and doing collages.
These have gone down well with people who have seen them. 
In the future I'll post more pictures of them.
For now, here are pictures of my artwork for the two albums mentioned above.
See you soon,