Monday 12 August 2013

Latest musical activity

I've been very busy working on new music.  The latest Eye Window album is finished.....well the music and mix etc anyway - I just have to do the artwork and sleeve now.  It is called "The Ghost Ship".  I think it's better than the last one (FS) - well, I'm pleased with it so far - although I do like the last one too!  Hopefully it will be ready for your listening pleasure soon.

I've also had a look/ listen to the one before, which never really saw a run of more than about 6 or so.
It is called "Time Walks Tall".  I've had a think and decided to remove one of the tracks (Come And Gone), which always seemed to niggle me with doubts about it, so I'll re-work that one for a later album.
The remaining tracks seem to work better together without it.  I'm going to do a different cover for it too.  I'll post that up as soon as I get them printed and artwork done.

Another Shemboid album is on the way.  It is the one I talked about right at the bottom of the page at the start of the year.... yes, it was ages ago now!  Again it is the sleeve now that is delaying release but will be ready fairly soon.  It is a noise-related album and still sounds good to my ears, so I'm going ahead with it.
I'll let you know the title one day soon......

Ok that's all for now,
Shem x