Monday 7 July 2014

Getting out and about at 'Open mic' nights.

I have recently been doing open mic sessions at the Chemic Tavern in Leeds on Thursdays.   I have been getting together a number of old and new songs and practising them with acoustic guitar and harmonica with vocal. Some of the songs I've been doing are “Strangers Outside My Door”, “Jackdaw Alien”, “Sunrise”, “Green Fields Of England”, “Behind Every Face” and “You Take It All”. There are some new ones too in the shape of “The Burning Tree” and “All That Matters”.
I have also been working up some electric ones with backing drums – I have been practising “The Case Of The Missing Brain”, “Monster Face” and three more new ones, which are “Vampire Exposed”, “Mask” and “I Must Be Out Of My Mind”.
This is all a bit different for me. I have not been getting any gigs doing anything else, so I thought I'll try my hand at open mic nights around Leeds. Noise and experimental music does not really go down well with open mic crowds, so it has to be the songs. Eventually I'll work out some way of incorporating the two together, but for now I'm getting some experience doing the songs straight.
I have been working at writing a lot of new stuff as well as re-working older ideas.

There will be a new Shemboid album out sometime soon – when I eventually get the art work done and finally decide on the tracks. I'll let you know when it's ready.

See you soon,