Thursday 28 August 2014

Shem activity and a SHEMBOID GIG!

Hello again everybody!

I've been doing lots of open mic gigs in Leeds and Chester lately.  Thor has kindly joined me recently and we're getting a set together and have about ten songs of mine that we've been playing so far.  Thor is playing bass guitar and I am singing and playing acoustic guitar and harmonica.  We are going to do much more in future and hopefully get some good recordings done and bigger and better gigs too!

I think that's just about it for Rev Rev now.  I can't see us working together any more.  Our last gig was at Telford's Warehouse on Friday 13th June 2014.   There is a clip from it on the Rev Rev tab.  Hope you like it....Neon Fish Are Flying....

I have been asked to do a gig at the Recon Festival in Leeds on Sunday the 28th September.  It is at Hyde Park Picture House.   I am very excited about this and been working out lots of ideas for it.  I have not done any Shemboid gigs for a few years now and I'm looking forward to working in that mode again.  I will keep you posted about this is an afternoon gig, I believe....

Okay that's all for now, thanks